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Best 25 Photographs of 2015

If you are a follower of my blogs and Facebook posts, you are well aware of the situation that I am not much into photography these days. My work and business has put me into so much of a hectic time schedule that roaming around with camera feels something like a ‘luxury’. I hardly get time to eat, sleep or even focus on doing my favourite things in life. Out of this prosaic 'mantime’ I am growing a different viewpoint than before which I cannot even explain in words. It is something like more matured and less romantic than what I used to see things before. Anyway, Life always puts everyone in situations out of his/her comfort zone and my complaints to it is futile. Overall, as a year 2015 was not photogenic to me and I am still struggling to get a photo-finish to my huge goal in business! Still, as I was flipping the pages of my small album created through this year, I was seeing some photographs which are close to my heart and worth sharing to you with their inside stories. These are the 25 photographs which are special to me captured throughout 2015 and hope you will enjoy them as much as I did clicking them…

Pic 1 - The Vitruvius Man

Under the clear starlit evening I was over-viewing the preparations for reinforcement of the roof of my workplace and got this man against one halogen light. I was prepared for it with the right ISO and VOILA

Pic 2 - Thorny Bouquet

While roaming around in the woods with camera I found these newly born yellow fresh leaves sparkling in the afternoon light. And wondered if they could create some meaningless poetry with its beauty and I wasn’t wrong. I like this pic a lot for its colour and amazing bokeh of 45mm f/1.8 

Pic 3 - To His Coy Mistress

This candid moment I got luckily when I was visiting a Nursery and those wonderful women were just leaving after a day’s work. When I pointed my cam to them, the older ladies cracked some joke in their dialect and 'she’ did this! Thanks to my cam that he captured her in this coyness. Loved it! 

Pic 4 - Waiting for the Kiss

I heard of it! But never experienced it. Then I took the courage of getting out after a shower with my cam and a portrait lens (Olympus 45mm f/1.8) and hoping for some miracle near the grassy pond. With fear of snakes deep inside my mind, I noticed that frog just like I had dreamt and after getting into the pond and making me wet till my waist-level I managed to shoot this. Then I realized, I needed a good tele lens which motivated me to buy that 40-150mm f/2.8 Pro that year. Yes, some pics can change your life! 

Pic 5 - Freshness

During taking some test-shots with the new 40-150mm Pro lens, I found this image and I loved it for its utter freshness and colour combination. 

Pic 6 - Trunk Full of Colours

Sometimes I get bored with the complexities of photography and try to shoot something just for loving colours. This afternoon-shot in the woods was so rich, it soon became my favourite with its playful utter silence of colours. 

Pic 7 - Silent Drops

Shot in a paddy field where farmers nurture the seeds. Serene and Silent and I love bokeh just as it is… Enough to lure me into a haze. 

Pic 8 - Geometry of Orbs

This chandelier is made by my cousin, and I don’t think I could justify the beauty of it quite aptly. Still, one of my fev shots for its sheer colour and magnificence. 

 Pic 9 - Flying Low - Flying Together

I captured these two lovebirds in their romantic flight and this moment seemed cardiac to me. 

 Pic 10 - Retro

While testing the portrait performance for the first time of my new 40-150mm Pro Lens, I captured this shot and Loved it to my soul for its soulful elegance and beauty. 

Pic 11 - The Sole Romantic

This lonely small colourful bird was so special to capture in a drizzle, that it felt contextual with my own self. 

 Pic 12 - Scarecrow

I loved to use my weather-sealed camera and 45-150mm Pro lens setup in rain, and its amazing to get some shots which I normally won’t get with a normal gear. This image was shot while a farmer was taking care of his drainage of the field and the way I took this image seems Gothic and somewhat romantic. 

Pic 13 - Watching it Rain

The rain and the colours perfectly complement the small element of lively existence which evokes romanticism. 

 Pic 14 - Under the Shade

I was sheer lucky to get this lizard in this unorthodox position and somewhat was able to create a story out of it. Thank you Mr. Lizard.

Pic 15 - Humble Eyes

I shot this small adolescent frog in the midst of his restless jumps and liked it because of its humble eyes was trying to tell me a story none the less.

Pic 16 - Lilac is a Naughty Colour

Photographing my niece is not an easy task. It’s difficult to portray her normal super-naughty self. But this image came out lucky as a perfect example of her inner-devilish 'lokiness’!! :) 

Pic 17 - Surreal Staircase

While taking dinner in a busy restaurant in Kolkata I was mesmarized by this lighting and the staircase. Despite of being very busy evening , I managed to find some emptiness in that zone and clicked it. I loved the dreamy nature of it. 

Pic 18 - One Drop into My Ripples

On a quest of catching a natural raindrop midair, I set myself out in the drizzle and focusing closing with 11fps shooting continuously and did it till my memory card runs out. And out of the bizarre ambition I found this amazing Orb. Success indeed! 

Pic 19 - Flight of the Phoenix

I loved the moment of it! And I am lucky to catch it in manual focus! 

 Pic 20 - Thoughtless

Some images are just beautiful and you hardly know why! Still they become the cover pics of your memory. 

Pic 21 - Bolt from the Yellow

With the obvious trick to catch a lightning, I set up the frame and hoped to catch a lightning there with a tele lens, and I am the luckiest to catch one exactly where I wanted! VOILA! 

Pic 22 - Afternoon Stories

Some sunshine creates drama in our new construction work. 

Pic 23 - The Geometry and The Teacher 

Amazing colour came out of an afternoon sunshine and I was tangled by the beauty of it. 

Pic 24 - Vendor of Light

Shutter Speed -15 Seconds! Now you know why this image is so special! I kept the cam on sand (I hate to carry tripods unless it is absolutely necessary) and got this amazing image, as the vendor lit his light for a very small time and the rest of the seconds of opened shutter created the amazing creamy sea-waves! Thanks to the Almighty! 

Pic 25 - Water Sculpture

It felt organic! And pure! And I drenched my cam with myself too while shooting it!

P.S. These 25s were shortlisted from 50 best photographs, which were also shortlisted from approximately 25000 photographs of 2015. Please let me know which 3 you have loved the most in the comments section below. Thanks! Love you always…