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Guest Blog – Review of Olympus SZ-16 Advanced Point and Shoot Camera while Travelling Kashmir – by Dr. Aratrika Dhara

Waiting for a Conversation (Shutter Speed – 1/160 sec ; Aperture – f/11.6 ; ISO – 100 ; Edited in Photoshop CS5)

When I asked for a digital camera, it was never my goal to do some serious photography with it. I just asked for a little, happy camera that I can carry everywhere possible and which gives me good result to upload in social networking sites like Facebook. But my good friend Samudranil Roy (the owner of this amazing website) told me to buy this Olympus SZ-16 superzoom digicam. He also told me that, he hasn’t tried this camera personally, but what he thinks is this camera is easy like anything; “just like a cell phone cam with much better quality and huge zoom lens”! And after returning back from my trip to Kashmir (J&K in India), I can agree with him with every single word! This camera is like a Swiss-knife. This camera is sexy!

The Boatman in Dal-Lake (Shutter Speed – 1/320 sec ; Aperture – f/3.8 ; ISO – 100 ; Edited in Photoshop CS5)

Tranquility (Shutter Speed – 1/400 sec ; Aperture – f/3 ; ISO – 100 ; Edited in Photoshop CS5)

Man and Nature (Shutter Speed – 1/1000 sec ; Aperture – f/3 ; ISO – 100 ; Edited in Photoshop CS5)

Some of the positive things did hit me at very first are –

1) Size and Weight

This camera is small. When off, it amazes you with its awesome compactness and lightness. Most of the time I have carried it in my jeans pocket without an issue. Therefore, it makes me ready for every situation.

It is so light and handy that my husband loves it.

2) Easy to Use

Well, it is exactly like a mobile phone camera, less fuss, always ready to shoot. No long menu, no complicated options. Sometimes less features is better for novices like me and it helps me to think less while shooting and getting the right moment.

3) Fast Autofocus

I have tried once Samudranil’s OMD-EM5, well, my SZ-16’s AF is not as fast as that, but well, it is fast enough to give me enough opportunity for capturing moments.

4) Picture Quality

I hope you are now agreeing with me how good these images are taken by a novice like me with a small digicam like that. To be honest, at this camera’s wide end, it is sharp like anything, and at tele end it loses its sharpness a bit.

Way of Pebbles (Shutter Speed – 1/160 sec ; Aperture – f/3.3 ; ISO – 100 ; Edited in Photoshop CS5)

Exploring (A hint of CA in high contrast areas) (Shutter Speed – 1/250 sec ; Aperture – f/8.7 ; ISO – 100 ; Edited in Photoshop CS5)

Cottages (Shutter Speed – 1/160 sec ; Aperture – f/5.8 ; ISO – 800 ; Edited in Photoshop CS5)

Kashmir is called the ‘Heaven on Earth’, and I cannot agree more during our journey. I kept clicking thousands of pictures of this amazing place, full of colour, nature, and souls. Frankly, I never thought that I will have such an amazing time with this camera during the trip. It again amazed me with its responsiveness, big-bright-LCD display, and great feature of choosing the flash manually all the time. It never flashes without your wish in lot of small budget compact cameras.

Approaching Fog (Shutter Speed – 1/160 sec ; Aperture – f/8.7 ; ISO – 100 ; Unedited)

The Mountain and the Rope-way (Shutter Speed – 1/320 sec ; Aperture – f/10.1 ; ISO – 100 ; Unedited)

When I came back home and gave Samudranil the image files to have a look, he was wide eyed and drop-jawed seeing the picture quality straight out from the camera. I thanked him for helping me to choose such an amazing piece of gadget.

A Doctor’s life isn’t fun. We indulge ourselves with life and death situations, critical injuries, and trauma-centers. But this small Olympus has given me another slice of life which should be appreciated and embraced with a smile. I propose you all to get into fun again with your camera; do not think too much about ISO performance or optical viewfinder. Just get a snappy-responsive camera in your hand and CREATE!


The Owner of the Horses (Shutter Speed – 1/320 sec ; Aperture – f/3.8 ; ISO – 100 ; Unedited)

Colour of Nature (Shutter Speed – 1/250 sec ; Aperture – f/3.6 ; ISO – 100 ; Unedited)

My Hubby, while Checking Some Shots (Shutter Speed – 1/200 sec ; Aperture – f/11.2 ; ISO – 100 ; Edited in Photoshop CS5)