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In Search of ‘Inner – Peace’ with OMD EM5 and M.Zuiko 45mm f/1.8

After freeing myself a bit from the shackles of regular business, I went for the smallest tour possible nearby home. It was sort of a family tour; a mere attempt to shut the mouths of my complaining family-members. It went okey, I took my camera with me and which gave me sort of freedom or some kind of a cool-breathe which I was longing for. As you can guess, it is a religious place; rather I should call it, a spiritual space. A religious place in India hardly provides you solace. Come on, it is a country of 1.2 Billion people, and almost everyone is a fanatic. Therefore, in India you are over-experienced with crowd, noise, dirt, pollution, beggars and rowdies in famous religious places.

Ashram-Disciple Cleaning the Puja Utensils (Shutter Speed – 1/1600 Sec ; Aperture f/1.8 ; ISO – 200)

A lonely dove, in search of water (Shutter Speed – 1/640 Sec ; Aperture f/1.8 ; ISO – 200)

Busy in decorating the Ashram-Garden (Shutter Speed – 1/3200 Sec ; Aperture f/1.8 ; ISO – 200)

But, the place I went to is Ashram-like. The culture, the heritage it bears, based on this small principle that, where there is beauty, there is God! Personally, I am a religious man, and as a photographer, I like the madness in crowd I experience in some auspicious day, but again, to find my ethics about photography, I always look for the tiny details of things nearby and tiny moments with give me solace and inner-peace. Therefore, I call myself proudly, a nature-gazer and in Nature, I find my Religion in a bigger sense of the term!

Generations neck-in-neck (Shutter Speed – 1/1250 Sec ; Aperture f/1.8 ; ISO – 200)

Generations waiting in the shrine (Shutter Speed – 1/640 Sec ; Aperture f/1.8 ; ISO – 200)

Old Steps (Shutter Speed – 1/4000 Sec ; Aperture f/1.8 ; ISO – 200)

Busy Buyers (Shutter Speed – 1/800 Sec ; Aperture f/1.8 ; ISO – 200)

Photography to me is not like catching the most happening exclusive moment around; it is rather the sweet connection I make with my camera and my vision. It is something like the relation with your best friend. You may not be seeing him every day, hang out together each evening or phone each other 4 hours a day; but you think of him every occasion, miss him, and when you accidentally meet with your best friend after may be a fortnight, it does not seem like a fortnight gap, you connect in a millisecond. Likewise, I may not touch my OMD for a month, but after that with flickering the ON switch, the sudden whrrrr… and with the first ‘click’ of the focus confirmation, we connect like two parts of the same body! And religion? Well, it is just an excuse to be with my best friend! 

Open doors to all (Shutter Speed – 1/1600 Sec ; Aperture f/1.8 ; ISO – 200)

Bend it like a Jilabiwala (it is the most famous sweet of the place)(Shutter Speed – 1/320 Sec ; Aperture f/1.8 ; ISO – 200)

The Sweet-Maker (Shutter Speed – 1/320 Sec ; Aperture f/1.8 ; ISO – 200)

Some amusing moment when you see the Bull logo on a Suzuki Van! Truly Fanatically Religious about speed ! (Shutter Speed – 1/4000 Sec ; Aperture f/1.8 ; ISO – 200)

Note : All images are taken with OMD EM5 and 45mm f/1.8 Prime lens. The images were marginally (only bit contrast and brightness) edited in Photoshop CS5.