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Some Words before You Take Photography Seriously

The Lightning Field

The Mantra of living good is no secret. It is all about knowing what your soul wants and providing it exactly the same with a worthwhile chase. It sounds easy, but hell lot of a task in this complicated world. Being honest, it is us who make our own lives complicated. We make ourselves confused about our own likings and later are unhappy with our choices. For example, most of us pretend to be loving hard-metal-rock music to our friends and after fat-cajoling our eyes and wearing black nail-polish and junk jewelries suddenly we realize that we love old movie song, and ballads! Likewise, we all are confused about choosing our hobbies.



Little Shopper

In this 2nd decade of the 21st Century, if some bloke just confesses that in the afternoon he loves to water the flowers in his balcony garden; at the very millisecond he becomes feminine in nature, ‘uncool’, and boring in eyes of people! And if instead of being honest to his friends over Facebook, he takes one or two close-ups of those flowers and declares that his passion is PHOTOGRAPHY, he becomes supercool! I know so many adolescent chaps who chose ‘photography’ as their hobby just because this is cool. They just buy a DSLR (mostly in the case of India); hang that thing around their necks; goes on an afternoon photo-walk with the some friends (who are also suffering from this ideological crisis) in search of something miracle to happen in front of them; a good enough miracle to make them win a Pulitzer!

Burning Sensation



I simply do not see photography in that way! Photography is not about choosing a gear that will make you look cool; it is not something which will make you famous overnight; it is not at all a thing that will win you girls like we see in movies! It is an expensive hobby for the serious artists, we face criticism more often than a cricketer, our capabilities are often judged by our editing only, our girlfriends hate us, and our family thinks us to be unsocial as we always try to be discreet while taking pictures of moments! In fact, most of the serious photographers are at least once beaten in public for taking pictures; and others at least once by their girlfriends!

Mind Blowing


Photography is not an easy job! If some bloke thinks that this camera and that lens will make him take a great photograph like that, he is in a Utopian Dream for sure. And when he wakes up, he will surely be slapped by the harsh reality that, ‘there gone a moment, is gone forever’! Therefore, before choosing Photography as your hobby and investing your money in some costly DSLR, I plead you to judge your own goal first. This is not a hobby like listening to songs and you create your playlist according to your whims. Photography is all about the dedication, power of your imagination and the execution according to your artiste.


A Dreamer Inside

If you take photography seriously, as you already know that this is now a day an over-populated-passion for the youngsters, you have to do something real different to make a mark. Well, according to me the simple way to do that is, do not at all try to make a mark! Just click according to your own spree. Make your eyes admiring all the surroundings with a click. Overall, be humble to what you do. Destructive criticism is a part of every good job, and when you think that you are being a butt of ridicule from self-proclaimed-pro-photographers in Facebook and Instagram, be sure that you have done something to evoke jealousy! Go on creating on your own. Even Van Gough has faced such things all over his lifetime; who are you thinking that you are to escape criticism!


Lights of Carol

The Connoisseur

Two Colourful Souls

Fresh Lives

Photography is addictive. It keeps you always hunting for colours, shapes and moments. The job satisfaction in this job is awesome as any creative art, if there is any ‘job’ of course! In 2014, newspapers are sacking full-time good photographers only because they charge more money according to the ‘management’. As every single person is out there with a camera in their mobile phones and good enough compact cams, they think it is financially easier to buy pictures from them at a small price than giving salary to a full time pro-photographer. As a result, we see more and more ugly to moderate pictures in world news. To earn some money out of your so called Casanova-hobby is hard like anything!

Riders to the Sea



Struggling Soul

At the end of the day if you ask me the reason for which I am addicted to Photography, I will say, it is complex! I love the simple details of things. I love to tell a story with pictures (as you are already suffering my blog, you know I suck when I try to say something in concrete words!). I love gadgets. I love to be in woods, sniff flowers, and make my shoes dirty when I get some spare time from my business. I have a complex life, full of tensions, probably more than every other person. Photography gives me a little space to breathe, an outdoor to see things in an honest way leaving my problems out of my head. Photography to me is like that soothing song, listening to which in your headphone you close your eyes and leave your world full of problems outdoor; it is like creating a painting, doing which you can forget every other crisis! I love it when I see that photographs have come as I expected when I return home and appreciated by people. Lastly, I am attached to my cameras for around 6 years, and always have felt that I never have taken Photography seriously as a hobby. But I always have known that this hobby gives me solace. And I am madly in love with it!

Taking Colours Away


Note –

1) Picture number 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 16, 17, 21, 22 are taken with an old and cheap super-zoom camera (according to today’s perspective)- Panasonic-Leica FZ-28 ; The bottom-line is, you can well start with a small digicam, they are well awesome in quality; just to check that if this ‘photography-fever’ continues to stay long.

2) All these pictures are uploaded from inspirational point of view. Nothing is shot on a serious assignment. Some are even lucky shots as you can well guess.

3) I have not provided any EXIF or other data to these photographs, as honestly, they do not mean to me anything. It is like asking a painter how many grams of blue and white paint he has mixed to create this awesome shade of blue! BOGUS!

4) The last picture is taken by Bishakh Ghosh when I was having fun with my camera.