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Life of Bee-keeping with Olympus OMD EM5 and 45mm f/1.8

Masked Man (Shutter Speed - 1/125 Sec ; ISO - 200 ; Aperture - f/1.8)

Shooting insects is always fun; and when you are shooting honey-bees it is full of sweet passion. Beekeeping or Apiculture is sometimes a full time job for a large group of people in Southern Bengal (India). They are from unimaginable economic condition, hence risks their lives to the fullest to get some living out of it with their ‘pets’. Normally, they are not even insured or financed by Central Banks; rather they take loan from local land-mafias and are often exploited. It is a sad story! But the irony is, I have never seen them without smiling. I have my business-place nearby a large Eukaliptas Woods and I mix with them a lot when I photo-walk through it. They always greet me with fresh spoonful of honey, (which always tastes heavenly) and they look at my face with huge expectation of a satisfied-smile! They are probably the poorest people I have ever come with and probably the most Happy!

Fathoming Honey (Shutter Speed - 1/125 Sec ; ISO - 200 ; Aperture - f/1.8)

Busy Bee (Shutter Speed - 1/500 Sec ; ISO - 200 ; Aperture - f/1.8)

These are some shots which I took casually of them with my OMD EM5 and M.Zuiko 45mm f/1.8 lens. If you watch them touching those bee-boxes and lifting up those artificial hives and checking the honey level, your eyes will literally be wide with fear and wonder! I have suffered the sting of bees on a few occasions and I know the pain of it. So, when they do that with sheer effortlessness my soul feel with respect for them. They inspire me to get close to the bees with my camera and they also teach me how not to cross the thin line of being safe and rushing to the hospital with thousands of red marks on my face!

His Pets (Shutter Speed - 1/160 Sec ; ISO - 200 ; Aperture - f/1.8)

Keeping Them Safe (Shutter Speed - 1/160 Sec ; ISO - 200 ; Aperture - f/1.8)

Today, lets not talk about gears and picture quality. I think we can learn a lot from these bee-keepers. These economically devastated people risk their lives daily and never complain. They just face the stings of life with a smiling face and create 'honey’ out of it. Cheers!

Busy in His Own World (Shutter Speed - 1/400 Sec ; ISO - 200 ; Aperture - f/1.8)

Fingers Close (Shutter Speed - 1/200 Sec ; ISO - 200 ; Aperture - f/1.8)